Welcome to Waltham Clock Company Museum Created by Andy Dervan.

The Waltham Clock Company has been out of business since 1954. This site presents interesting examples of their clocks and company history.

Large Regulators Marble Front Regulators Willard Banjo Clocks Marine Clocks
  Office/Dining Room Clocks Chiming Hall Clocks  

Andy Dervan has created the following Powerpoint presentations on various topics related to Clock and Watch companies:

  • A Pictorial View of American Watch factories
  • A Pictorial View of Waltham Watch factory
  • 19th Century Clock making - Craft to Mass Production
  • Collecting Waltham Willard banjos
  • Decorative smaller Waltham Willard banjo clocks
  • George R.S. Killam and Killam & Co.
  • Minor Watch Companies in Waltham MA
  • Patti Clocks for Welch & Spring Co.
  • Waltham Clock Company History & Clock Production
  • Watch Tool Companies

He travels around the country giving presentations at clock shows, clock and watch group meetings, and local historical society groups. The presentations run from 30 - 45 minutes, but they can be customized.  If you or your group has any interest in hearing any of these presentations, please leave Andy an email.

If you have a Waltham Clock Company or other antique or vintage clock and need a value appraisal, Andy Dervan has established a separate website for a clock appraisal business:
"Pointe Clock Appraisal" << click link to visit the site.


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